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Black Sky

Coaching with Teresa


YOU are unique among billions.

Your way of being in the relationship that works for you

will be just as unique. Self study and group learning

can take you a long way, but sometimes

personalized guidance is what's called for. 

One thing is certain: I don't have your answers.

Those arise from your soul and express through your body.

When you've "done the work," yet still struggle to discern

what "looks right" from what IS right,

my special gift is helping you step into

your most authentic, wise, magical self.


From this space, all your desires flow to you.

How deeply are you committed

Rather than being unquestioningly committed to a person,

what if you were fully committed to the love you want and deserve?


I stand with you to uphold that commitment,

and so will the person who is right for you.

 Your commitment to REAL LOVE, settling for nothing less, 

creates a supermagnetic force summoning what you desire.


Why would you want to live any other way?


You're a self aware, badass woman.

You've done the work.

You know what you're worth.


If you're ready to finally have what you want,

You're ready for coaching with me. 

Coaching Packages

1 year + everything

Up to 40 coaching sessions across 12 months,

plus followup via

messaging / Voxer.


Includes full access to all group courses in the ensuing year.

Investment: $14,000

1 year / no extras

Up to 40 coaching sessions across 12 months,

plus followup via

messaging / Voxer. 

Investment: $12,000

6 months

Up to 20 coaching sessions across 6 months,

plus followup

via messaging / Voxer. 

Investment: $8,150

10 sessions

Use your 10 sessions whenever you like

across 12 months,

with followup via

messaging / Voxer.

Investment: $3,600

Black Sky

Cynthia L, GA

"Overall it was a life changing experience. I would recommend her to anyone who feels stuck or struggles in life and relationship."
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