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Your guide to wildly successful
dating online and in-person

Connect with the people you want to meet.

Dating App Darling is a savvy, self paced, start-to-finish guide helping you have maximum fun reeling in the right people in the shortest possible time.


Set yourself up to receive unlimited invites from quality people to fun and rewarding dates 


Be guided and held through the emotions that come with opening up to potential love connections 


Train your emotional energy so that it actually speeds up the entrance of Real Love into your life 


Discover how different dating sites work and discern what's best for you, so you can select and stand out in your "Top Two" low-effort, high-yield platforms


Craft your evolving profile, so the person who's ready to love everything about you has the best chance of noticing you and asking you out


Get off the apps and into real-life dates by handling initial message exchanges with confidence and charm


First dates: Where to go, what to wear, what to say (and not say), and what to do if he suggests you split the tab


Eliminate dusties, time wasters, narcissists and other undesirables in a finger snap, without letting guilt throw you off game


What to do when you're ghosted by someone who seemed amazing


How to end a date you're not enjoying


How to end a fantastic date and handle followup interactions


How to stay safe with a stranger from the internet


Deepen your relationship skill set, so you'll be ready when Mr. or Ms. Right shows up with everything you've ever wanted


Solidify your standards so you don't get accidentally sucked into a mediocre (or bad) relationship


What NOT to expect from online dating


Where and how you'll most likely meet "the one" and how online dating makes that smooth and easy


Establish your own pace for the progression to sexy time (avoid getting swept up in his agenda)


Vibe with the people who may not be "the one" but who have something great to offer along the way


Know whether or not your date is into you


Deal with negative thinking and self doubt in a way that makes you more attractive and lets love in faster


Handle the tricky phase between "I, like, like-like you..." and commitment

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