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I'm Teresa.

I've been a practicing relationship coach since 2012 and am certified in the Rori Raye Method. I continually explore the edges of relationship wisdom through ongoing personal practice and study. 


My life's mission is to heal the world by helping women enter relationships where they and their partner(s) are genuinely Better Together.

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Would you like to be supported this way?

I develop your artistry in crafting moments of deeply flowing love with your person -- the one you're currently with, the one you're about to meet, or the one who's showing up to make you wonder "what if...?".

I serve the secret sauce for getting you the commitment you deserve (hint: it's a mindset).

I feed you tricky secrets that keep the attraction hot and fun, even over years.

I calibrate your words and body language so your partner or date hears you, sees you, and gets on board with what's important to you. 

I meet you at your personal edge and entice you to lean a wee bit beyond it -- all via specific babysteps designed for big fast results. 

I fan your courage until you're spontaneously making moves that express the best in you and inspire the best from your partner.

I re-wild your mind, freeing you from social conditioning that prioritizes the wrong things and keeps you from saying what you really need. 

I pour into you awareness of your awesome beauty and incalculable worthiness. 

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